1891 - Industrial - Joysons Mill 1930c - Orpington - Charterhouse Road 1930c - Orpington - Real estate
St Mary Cray Paper Mill   1891. The Joynson's Paper Mill was a landmark site and the chimneys could be seen from miles around. The Mill was a high  production plant employing many workers from the local area. The Mill is referenced by many local history books.    
Residential Housing   Charterhouse Road 1933 - Original  Copy Held   
Residential Housing   Goddington Lane 1933 -  Original Copy Held   
1850c - Industrial - St Marys Cray - Joysons Paper Mill 1900c - Industrial - St Marys Cray - Joysons Paper Mill 2 1910c - Industrial - St Marys Cray - Joysons Paper Mill 1953 - Morphy Richards - Electric Shaver 2
Morphy Richards - Electrical Goods   Morphy Richards produced many household electrical items and was in it's prime in the 1950's and 1960's. Employing 1000s of  people from around the area. The Nugent Shopping park occupies the majority of what was a huge manufactory complex.   
1953 - Morphy Richards - Hair Dryer 1955 - Morphy Richards - Senior Iron 1960c - Morphy Richards - Advert 2 1960c - Morphy Richards - Advert 1965 - Morphy Richards - Hair Dryer Sainsburys Orpington
Sainsbury’s Orpington   8th May 1973. The new Sainsbury’s in  Orpington was opened by Arthur Russell and  Director Timothy Sainsbury (brother of the  Chairman at the time J.D Sainsbury).   
Orpington Walnuts 1973
Orpington Walnuts 1973   A picture taken on the opening day of  Sainsbury’s. This picture contains one  of the original Walnut trees from which  the shopping centre and previous  'house' got their names.   
J. Sainsbury, Orpington 1978
J. Sainsbury, Orpington 1978   1978 - A view of a smart looking  Sainsbury’s with all sorts of offers.   
Opening 080573 3 but later than opening date crofton place orpington 1950c - Orpington - Commerce - Francis Chappell - Five Ways Scooters 1911 - Orpington - Chelsfield Development 1935 - Orpington - Beechwood Estate 1920c - Frys Chocolate Collection Card Side 1 - Buff Fowl 1920c - Frys Chocolate Collection Card Side 2 - Buff Fowl 1916 - Green St Green - Foxes Brewery 1933 - Real Estate - Goddington Lane 1950c - Orpington - Commerce - Charterhouse Garage
J Sainsbury   Sainsbury’s came to Orpington in 1973 as part of a joint venture with the LBB to regenerate council owned land on the former Walnuts  House estate. The Supermarket, adjacent shops and the Walnuts Leisure Centre were built alongside the Orpington College. The  Council were also building the Walnuts Shopping centre and due to some reason or another could not complete it at the same time as  the rest of the development and for a while Sainsbury’s, the rest of the shops, the leisure centre and the college did not have a car  park!   
1935 - Spratts Cigerette Card - Buff Cock White 1850c -Green St Green - Oak Brewery 1890c- Perry Hall Farm 1900c - Moorfield Dairy 1916 - Green St Green - Foxes Brewery 1910c - Orpington Colgate Mill 1910c - Orpington Colgate Mill 1910c - Woods the FIshmonger and Poulterer 1910c - Woods the FIshmonger and Poulterer 1915 - Millory Engineering
Cook’s Farm and the Orpington Buff   .  
1940c - Orpington - Carlton Parade Area - The Colgate Mill 1950c - Orpington - Commerce - Ranleigh Autos 1920c - Orpington Car 1930c - St Pauls Cray - Nash Paper Mills 1972 - Orpington - Coates Brothers 2001 - Orpington - Mayfield Nursery
Commerce and Industry Before the Railway, Orpington and the Cray Towns had to make their own way. The River Cray was the life blood of all the early  industries and the Cray Valley the place where modern commerce and industry would settle. 
1970c - Cray Valley Dairy - Milk Bottle NEW! IMAGE