Lost and Found We need help on the images in this section. We cannot easily identify them (a number of us have tried) and we do not want to guess.  If you think you know the year, location and anything else related to the image please email us.  Our email is research@orpington-history.org  Please click on the link or copy and paste it to your email application clearly stating which image you are referencing and what the  details are.
Image 1 - What year? Its been  suggest mid 1950’s?
Image 2 - Ray Farm - where  and what year? 
Image 3 - Orpington - where  and what year? 
Image 4 - Orpington - where  and what year? 
Image 5 - What year?
Image 6 - Do you have a  better image of this? What  year? Advert on the side is  telling of the new opening of a  Sainsbury’s. It could be  Orpington in 1973, it could be  Dartford or even  Locksbottom?
Image 7 - We have a set of  these flood pictures from the  high street but do not want to  publish until we get the year  right.
Image 8 - Quite a famous  image but no one seems to  know the year of this poster?